ANA New A380 from Tokyo/Narita to Honolulu”Flying honu” Economy class


Hello. I am Dolphin, writing a blog about my trip. In September, I went to Honolulu by ANA(All Nippon Airways) A380, called “Flying Honu”. I wrote an article about that in Japanese, and to my pleasure, many Japanese people have read the article. So I will write the same article in English. I hope many people all over the world read this article.

※I am sorry to say this, but I am not native English speaker. So there can be a lot of unnatural expressions or mistakes in English.

Here is this article in Japanese↓



ANA started to operate a new aircraft in May. The plane was the biggest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. I always use ANA in Japan, but I hadn’t used ANA’s International flights. So I have wanted to use ANA’s International flights for a long time. I could have a vacation in September, so I decided to go to Honolulu.

ANA A380″Flying Honu” Photo by Aero Icarus

ANA’s new Airbus A380 has been introduced in many websites, but most of them are about first-class seats, business class seats, premium economy class seats, or couchii seats. Of course, these articles are valuable, but there are more than 300 economy class seats in A380. So most of the people who use ANA A380 use economy class. We need a review written about economy class setas. I wanted that one before my flight, but I couldn’t find. I’m pleased if you can read this article and flight with ANA A380, Flying Honu.



I always use domestic flights when I use planes, so I always go to the airport only one hour or 30 minutes before the departure. When the A380 departure, the boarding stars about 50 minutes before the departure perhaps because of the A380’s many passengers.

However there were a lot of passengers in front of the gate, so I waited for a while sitting on the bench. About 15 minutes after the boarding started, I went to the gate. I cloud board the plane without waiting in front of the gate.

Gate No.45 in Narita, Tokyo

You can use resting room in the aircraft before the departure, but you shouldn’t, I think.


Go into the Airplane and take off

I boarded and seated. I was surprised because the width between seats were wider than I thought. The seats were comfortable.

Th amenity sets were placed on each seats. In the stes, there was

  • blanket(large enough)
  • pillow
  • headphone
  • slipper
camera at the top of the tail

You can watch the real-time images from the top of the tail, front of the plane and the below. I enjoyed watching these images.


Drink service

Just after you take off, a drink is served by cabin crew. You can choose anything you like from a variety of drink. I like coffee served in ANA plane, but I didn’t drink. If I drink coffee before I sleep, I could not sleep well.

I wanted to sleep earlier, so I selected a forward seat. So I could have dinner early. If you select a seat on the backward, you must wait because many passengers are on the A380.

the meal

The meal was delicious enough. I was surprised to eat that because meals in planes are sometimes not so delicious.



After you have dinner, you should sleep because the plane arrive at Honolulu in the morning. I could sleep well because the seat was very comfortable.



I wanted to watch the sunrise before landing. But there ware a lot of passengers who slept on the plane. So I saw the sunrise from the Garray.

When I watched the sunrise, some cabin crews told me “Can you see the sunrise?”. After that, I enjoyed talking with them for a while. Cabin crews in ANA are very friendly I think. I thought that it was great work of me to have chosen ANA.



The A380 went lower and lower. I cloud saw the beautiful view of island O’ahu. I cloud see the view for a while after the landing. Then the A380 landed on the Honolulu, Daniel K Inoue International airport. The aircraft didn’t shocked so much when it landed. It did not take a long time from the laneway to the gate.

Before landing
after arrive at Honolulu

It was very good to fly with ANA new A380 “flying Honu”. I thought so because not only it was comfortable, but the crews were friendly, the meal was good, and so on.

After this flight, I enjoyed my stay in Honolulu very much. If the number of PV, how many people have accessed the web page, increase, I will write more articles about Hawaii in English. Thank you for your reading.

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